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Korpio KKO St. Michaels Church on the island of Korpio, the church dates from 1384.
Korpio KKO The altarpiece of St. Michaels Church.
Korpio KKO The center of the altarpiece which has statues of Jesus, other Biblical figures, and Bishop Henry is on the left..
Korpio KKO Disciples of Christ in the altarpiece.
Korpio KKO A fresco on the ceiling of St. Micheals Church. Most of the frescoes in Finnish churches were covered with whitewash after the Reformation, then restored in more recent years.
Korpio KKO The ceiling of St. Michaels Church has many frescoes, many of which have unknown meanings.
Korpio KKO A fresco of a Viking ship in St. Michaels Church.
Korpio KKO The fresco of an unknown figure on one of the arches in St. Michaels Church.
Korpio KKO The nave of St. Michaels Church.
Korpio KKO A carved wooden walkway in St. Michaels Church, near the front of the church. This type of walkway is found in no other church in Finland, and only in a few churches in Germany.
Korpio KKO The statue of St. Olaf of Denmark slaying the devil. St. Olaf lead some of the first Christian crusades to Finland.
Korpio KKO A statue of Katarina of Alexandria.
Korpio KKO Another fresco of an unidentified figure, on a pillar in St. Michaels Church.
Korpio KKO The pulpit in St. Michaels Church. The carvings in the pulpit are of Biblical people.
Korpio KKO The model of a sailing ship in St. Michaels Church. These models are found in many churches in Finland, particularly those along the coast of the country, and represent a ship who sailors the church prayed regularly for a safe return.

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