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Hammarlund KKO The old church at Hattula. The castle of Håmeenlinna was built to protect the border of the Kingdom of Sweden, and in the early 14th century Hattula Church, located 6 kilometers from the castle, was built to be the religious center of the area. The church was used until 1857, when a new church was built in this region.
Hattulla vistors center The vistors center of the old church at Hattula, with the steeple of the church in the background.
Hattula KKO The chancel of the church at Hattula.
Huittinen 1 The inside of the church, looking towards the chancel. The church exhibits the plain late-Gothic hall-church style. Thick square pillars divide the church into three aisles. The church has the largest number of medieval wooden sculptures of any church in Finland.
Korpio KKO The vestry of the church. In the floor is a wooden door leading to a wine cellar.
Kotka KKO The frescoes in Hattula Church are the latest and best representatives of the Late Gothic monumental painting in Finland. There are 180 frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the church, representing the largest number of these type paintings in any church in Finland. This is a painting of the apostles. with crosses of consecration.
Loimann-kunta KKO A chandelier in the church from the 1400's.
Naantali KKO Painting on the south aisle wall of The Presentation in the Temple.
Nousianen 1 The triumph Crucifix, above the altar, is a Finnish creation from the early 14th century.
Nousianen Cemetery Sculpture of Jesus, from the 1400's
Porvoo KKO The cover over the pulpit, with many carvings.
Rauma 1 The elaborately decorated pulpit.
Raisio 1 The entrance to the pulpit.
Salo 1 A sculptor of the Apostle Paul. The sculptor holds up the pulpit.
Salo 2 A sculptor of a Roman soldier.
Salo 3 Sculptor of Saint Gertrude, from the 1400's.
Saltvik KKO Sculptor of Saint Olaf from the 1400's. This statute came from Germany.
Sund KKO Statute of the Virgin Mary in the entry way, called the Porch.
Taivallahti 1 Sculptor of the Virgin Mary, from the 1500's.
Turku 1 Stocks in the entry way (porch) of the church. Members of this church came from 75 kilometers (45 miles) away, in the 1400's. Church attendance was manditory at least once a month. If a person didn't attend at least once a month, then were placed in these stocks when they did attend, and open for public humiliation.
Taivallahti 1 On the north wall of the vestry, a painting of a swan feeding her young with her own blood.

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