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Hammarlund KKO The Church of the Holy Cross. A Catholic monastery operated here until 1538.
Hanko KKO This building is unusual among old churches of Finland because the bell tower is attached to the main part of the church. At most old churches built before the 1800's, the bell tower is removed from the main part of the church by 25 to 100 feet.
Hattula KKO Wood carvings of the prophets and other Biblical people.
Huittinen 1 The elaborately painted ceiling above the latar.
Korpio KKO Fresco (painting on plaster) of some of the prophets.
Kotka KKO Fresco, on the ceiling, illustrating many Biblical figures.
Kotka KKO Fresco illustrating Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.
Kotka KKO The nave of the Church of the Holy Cross.
Kotka KKO The pipe organ in a balconey at the rear of the church. The paintings on the front of the balconey are of the prophets in the Bible.
Kotka KKO The elaborating painted pulpit in the Church of the Holy Cross.
Kotka KKO The stained glass window at the front of The Church of the Holy Cross.

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