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Hammarlund KKO The Uskela parish is one of the oldest parishes in Finland. It is thought to have been founded as early as the 13th century. Documents mention it for the first time in 1329. The church hill of Uskela is an old location for the church, with a church at this location since 1440.
Hanko KKO The interior of the Uskela church, from the rear. The present church was designed by the renowned German architect C.L. Engel.
Hattula KKO The front of the church at Uskela. This church building, in its present form, is from 1832. In 1982, the church was renovated.
Huittinen 1 The rear of the church, the balconey and pipe organ.
Korpio KKO A painting on the wall of the Uskela church.
Kotka KKO The pulpit which is along the left wall of the church.
Kotka KKO Uskela Church in Salo on a February day.

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