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Halliko A farm northwest of Halliko in southern Finland. This area is between Turku and Helsinki in southern Finland.
Halliko Summer time in the farming area west of Halliko.
Dandelions An unused field near Hattula, covered with dandelions in early summer.
Kokkila Kokkila farmland between Salo and Turku. The timber along the road comes from the surrounding forested area.
Koski farm Farm buildings at Koski Manor.
Farmland Farmland near the rural Loimaan Kunta cathedral.
Muurla Farm land near Muurla, east of Salo, in late spring..
Muurla Late spring, farmland between Muurla and Pernio in southern Finland.
Muurla Farmland near Muurla, in mid-May.
Pori A barn at Rymattyla barn in the winter. Cattle are kept in the barn all winter.
Farmland Salo is in the distance, farmland north of the city in early summer.
Pori Farms north of Salo.
Grain crops Grain crops in mid-summer. The yellow crop in the distant field is safflower.
Ferry A farm on the small island of Velkua, in southwest Finland.

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