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Alikartano 1

Alikartano, home of the Nordenskiold family. A.E. Nordenskiold had a collection of 24,000 maps published before 1800. Gustaf Nordenshiold did excavations at Mesa Verde in Colorado. Akikartano is located at Mäntsälä, about 40 km north of Helsinki.

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Brinkhall 1 Brinkhall, at Kakskerta near Turku.
Fiskars 1 The Manor House at Fiskars. In 1816 Charles Bassi planned this house of 32 rooms. John Julin moved to the new mansion called Stonehouse, after having bought the iron-works in 1822.
Fagervik 1 The Manor House at Fagervik. The estate was part of the Fagervik Iron Works, founded in 1646 by Carl Billsten.
Langinkoski 1 Main room of the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge at Kotka. Built in the 1880's for Czar Alexander III of Russia. The portraits on the wall are those of Czar Alexander III and Empress Dagmar. Alexander III visited Landinkoski about 10 times, traveling from St. Petersburg aboard the royal yacht which docked in the Imperial Harbor a short distance from the lodge.

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Lempisaari 1 Lempisaari, near Askainen.
Louhisaari 1

Louhisaari, near Askainen. The estate of the family of General Carl Mannerheim.

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Mustio Manor 1 Mustio Manor, built in the 1790's, made of logs, the largest all wood house in Finland. The Linders, friends of Russian and Swedish royalty, owned 70,000 acres of land, the largest land owner in Finland at the time. Mustio Iron Works was the first industrial area in Finland.

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Pyhaniemi 1 Pyhaniemi Mansion at Hollola. Known as Hollola Hollywood because of many Finnish films made here.
Sjundby 1 Sjundby Manor near Siuntio, built in the 1500's.
Soderlangvik 1 Soderlangvik Manor
Sundholma 1 Sundholma Manor near Uusikaupunki
Svidja 1 Svidja Manor near Siuntio, built in the 1700's, with its shape dating to renovation in 1898. The manor is now owned by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments.
Vanajan 1 Vanajan Manor at Harviala. Built as a hunting manor by Dr. Carl Rosenlew, between 1919 and 1924.
Viurila 1
Viurila Manor at Halliko.
Vuojoki 1
Vuojoki Manor near Eurajoki.
Latokartano Manor 1
Latokartano Manor, about 10 kilometers south of Pernio.
Teijo Manor 1
Teijo Manor at Teijo, northwest of Pernio about 10 kilometers.

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