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Ellivurori A rural home near Ellivuori, which is near Vammala in south central Finland.
Rocky coast The rocky coast of southern Finland at Gyltö. This area is along the Gulf of Finland, west of Korpo. Korpo is the most distant island that can be reached without a long ferry ride, on the peninsula that runs west from near Turku.
Hanko3 Late summer evening at the beach at Hanko. It's not this quiet the first weekend in July when thousands come to Hanko to see the Hanko Regatta.
Hanko3 Looking south from Hanko, 2 PM on a February afternoon. The port city of Hanko is the southernmost town in Finland.
Solieholmen1 Aboard one of Finland's many ferry's.
Viking ship Aboard the Viking Lines ferry Rosella, near the Foglo district in the Aland Islands, on its way from Mariehamn, the Alands Islands to Turku in southwest Finland.
Fiskars The old stable and school at the Fiskars iron works area, which dates of the late 1600's.
Halliko Entering the city of Halliko from the west. The church in Halliko can be seen just above the trees.
Halliko West of Halliko towards Turku, tracks of the high speed train system which runs between Helsinki and Turku.
Halliko The high speed train system west of Halliko..
Hammeenlina A passenger train just leaving the station at Hammeenlinna
Dandelions An unused field near Hattula, covered with dandelions in early summer.
Kyros Lake Sailing on Kyros Lake near Ikaalinen.
Kakskerta1 Sunset at Kakskerta Church on an island south of Turku
Kakskerta1 A bus stop near Kakskerta, south of Turku. Finland has an excellent inter-city bus system, with many bus stops in the rural areas.
Kakskerta1 An ExpressBus, part of Finland's inter-city bus system.
Kisko1 Boat in a small lake near Kisko in southern Finland. Taken late at evening in May.
Rapids The old mill at Latohartano Rapids, on the Kiskon River, about 8 kilometers southeast of Pernio, in southern Finland.
Kasnas coast The rocky coast of south Finland at Kasnas. This area borders the Southwestern Archipelago National Park.
Ansku Lake Late winter at Ansku Lake, between Karjalohja and Pohja, near Karis in southern Finland.
Kisko The sign above the Kisko sign is the indicator that you are entering a populated area. This is an indicator that a cars headlights can be turned off during daylight hours.
Kisko A small lake near Kisko late in the evening, in the summer. This village of Kisko is located about 20 km east of Pernio in southern Finland.
Jittila West of Kittilä in Laptop in mid-May, looking towards Yllas.
Korpio A rural cottage in the Korpio region of far southern Finland. Many Finns own small cottages along the coast of Finland, or along the many lakes in Finland.
Koski lake A small lake near Koski, northeast of Pernio.
Kotka Apartment buildings in the city of Kotka in southeastern Finland.
Kotka Apartment buildings in the center of the city of Kotka.
Kotka A monument near the church in the center of Kotka.
Kotka Buildings in the old town part of Kotka, near the Russian Orthodox church
Lake Pyhäjärvi Mid-winter at Lake Pyhäjärvi south of Eura in southwest Finland. The land is over 25 kilometers long, and over 8 km wide at the widest point.
Kotka Abandoned buildings in rural Lapland, between Rovanienmi and Kittilä.
Ouhu River Mid-May in Lapland, along the Ouhu River, about 65 km north of Rovaniemi. The Ouhu River is the border between Finland and Sweden.
Malarby Rural area near the small village of Malarby, which about 11 km west of Tenala, in southern Finland.
Kotka A small cottage in the rural area near Malarby..
Mantyluoto1 The Port of Pori at Mantyluoto on a winter evening.
A sea drilling rig of Rauma Offshore is in the center.
Gulf of Bothnia Looking west across the Gulf of Bothnia at Mantyluoto, which is northwest of Pori about 20 kilometers.
Gulf of Bothnia Another view of the Gulf of Bothnia at Mantyluoto, in March.
Mannenkyla1 Sunset at the lake at the village of Mannenkyla, in north central Finland, north of Aanekoski.
Mustila1 Flowers in Mustila Arboretum. The founder of the arboretum was a mining engineer, who died in 1926. The work was continued by his son C.G. Tigerstadt, who planted 500 exotic species of trees and shrubs between 1920 and 1950.
Meltaus rural road Rural road off of Highway 79, at Meltaus, about 60 kilometers north of Rovaniemi in Lapland.
Kotka More rural area near Meltaus in Lapland, taken in mid-May.
Wild flowers Wild flowers near Muurla in late spring.
Wild flowers Wild flowers in mid-May.
Naantali Summer cottage along the Naantlinsalmi channel, near Naantili.
Nagu ferry The large ferry which travels from Nagu to the islands of Brändö and Iniö on the eastern extreme of the Äland Islands. Nagu is south of Turku about 50 kilometers.
Country home Home in the country near Nummi, which is about 25 km west of Vihti in southern Finland.
Boat storage Winter sail and power boat storage, near Pargas in southern Finland.
Walkway Sidewalk/walkway/bicycle path near Pernio. These path ways are about 1 - 1.5 meters (4 to 6 feet) wide, and are within cities and villages, and then extent out from the populated area as much as 5 to 10 kilometers.
Pernio1 Fog forming in the fields between Salo and Pernio. Taken in early June, about 9 PM.
Pernio2 Fog forming in the fields between Salo and Pernio.
Pernio3 9:45 PM in early June, near Pernio. A passenger train of the of the Finnish National Railway emerges from a kilometer long tunnel, as it travels from Turku to Helsinki.
Pernio4 Rapids on the Kiskonjoki (Kisko River) near Pernio.
Muurla Mid summer, a pheasant near the rural road between Salo and Pertilli. Summer time allows many wild animals to be seen in Finland.
Pori Harbor Near the Pori harbor, mid-afternoon in mid-winter.
Pori Pori central square on a Saturday morning in early summer.
Ouhu River Mid-May along the Ouhu River, about 65 km north of Rovaniemi. The Ouhu River is the border between Finland and Sweden.
Reposaari Fishing boats at the village of Reposaari. The village is on an island that has only been connected to the mainland by bridge since 1956, The harbor is one of the best natural harbors in Finland, and for fisherman, one of the most modern.
Reposaari Summer along the rocky shore at Reposaari.
Reposaari1 Winter sunset on the Gulf of Bothnia at Reposaari.
Reposaari2 A winter afternoon on the Gulf of Bothnia at Reposaari. Reposaari is across the bay from Mantyluoto, and about 30 kilometers northwest of Pori.

A late night sunset, in mid-May, at Rovaniemi Airport. Rovaniemi Airport sits at the Artic Circle.

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Pori The Bluegrass Music Festival at Ruptsinpyhtaa.
Pori Winter at the small village of Rymattyla near Naantali in southwest Finland.
Highway 52 Highway 52 between Salo and Pernio, mid-day near the end of January.
Highway 18 Near Salo, European Highway 18, which runs from Turku, across southern Finland, into Russia.
Summer clouds A summer storm brewing.
Pori Warming up the sauna.
Salo sunset Sunset on the lake south of Salo, in late June.
Salo sunset A golf course several kilometers west of Salo. There are numerous golf courses throughout Finland.
Wildflowers Wildflowers abound in Finland in the summer. This area was between Salo and Pernio.
Salo1 A small stream near Salo in southern Finland, after spring rains.
Salo2 A summer rainstorm west of Salo.
Savonlinna1 Sunset west of Savonlinna in eastern Finland. Taken in early May at about 10:30 PM.
Solieholmen1 The ferry crossing at Solieholmen, south of Dragsfjard, in southwest Finland. With so many small island and inlets, ferry crossings are common in southern Finland.
Grain crops Grain crops in mid-summer. The yellow crop in the distant field is safflower.
Tamisaari At Tamisaari, the floating Sunnane Restaurant, frozen in the ice during winter months.
Ferry The people ferry which transports people across the Aura in Turku. The Turku cathedral is in the background.
Turku Boats docked along the Aura River in Turku.
Tammisaari3 Tammisaari small boat harbor on a foggy April morning
Tammisaari2 Kinson Restaurant in the Tammisaari harbor on a foggy April morning.
Lempaala A cruise boat passes through locks at Lempäälä. The locks connect the waters of Vanajavesi and Pyhajärvi, lakes between Hameenlina on the south, Tampere, and Virrat in the north. Several companies including the Finnish Silverline and The Poet's Way provide lake cruises between these and other cities along the large lakes in central Finland. There are 188,000 lakes in Finland, and together with marshes and bogs, water covers about 10% of the country.
Cruise boat Aino A cruise boat stops makes a stop near Saakksmaki on Lake Vanajavesi. Several companies including the Finnish Silverline and The Poet's Way provide lake cruises between these and other cities along the large lakes in central Finland. There are 188,000 lakes in Finland, and together with marshes and bogs, water covers about 10% of the country.
Cruise boat Aino A cruise boat Aino on its way from Lake Vanajavesi to lakes which lead to the locks at Lempäälä. There are 188,000 lakes in Finland, and together with marshes and bogs, water covers about 10% of the country.
Tenhola1 Forests cover 75% of Finland. This picture was taken near Tenhola on a foggy April morning.
Teersalo On a February afternoon, the ferry at Teersalo, which travels to the island of Velkua about 1.3 kilometers away. Teersalo is about 17 kilometers west of Naantali, although traveling by highway, the distance is about 35 kilometers. The ferry travels infrequently in the winter months, but every couple of hours during the summer.
Uusikaupunki During summer, the small boat dock area at Uusikaupunki in southwest Finland..
Ussikaupunki1 Finland has windmills too. Windmill Hill (Myllymaki Hill) at Uusikaupunki in western Finland.
Border crossing At Vaalinaa in southeast Finland, the Finland-Russia border crossing along European Highway 18. The highway leads to Vyborg, about 60 kilometers east, and then on the St. Petersburg.
Hallikon River After a spring rain, rapids on the Hallikon River near Vaskio.
Hallikon River Another view of the Hallikon River near Vaskio.
Velkua Island Velkua Island northwest of Turku.

The Keur River near Yllas, Lapland, in the evening in mid-May.

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Yliskyla At Yliskyla, between Salo and Pernio, on a cold January morning.
Train At Yliskyla, a passenger train on its way from Turku to Helsinki.
Rural road Many rural roads in Finland that aren't main highways follow old trails across the country. They wind and zip and zag across the countryside.
Rural road The rural roads come very close to existing buildings as they weave across the countryside. Her the road comes within a meter (3-4 feet) of a farm building.

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