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Hamina 1 Hamina, with Peter-Pauls Orthodox Church in the foreground, the bell tower to its right, and the town hall in the background. The center of Hamina, with the Town Hall as the center, has a circular plan, with streets that run in circles.
Hamina 2 The Reserve Officers School in Hamina. Construction of Hamina as a circular fortress started in 1722. The Russian period started in 1742, and Hamina has been a military town since that time. The outer edge of the fortress, a 20 foot (6.5 meter) high wall of dirt and brick, can still on the north and east sides of the town.
Hanko 4

Summer time in Hanko.

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Hanko 5

Summer relaxation at the eastern beach at Hanko.

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Lapland 1

When leaving a town in Lapland, you see this road sign unique to that area.

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Porvoo 2 Old City Hall in Porvoo. In 1809, when the first parliament meet, this was the House of Nobility. Finland's highest noblemen meet here for 4 months in order to decide "matters of the nobility".
Porvoo 3 One of the narrow streets in Old Porvoo. Swedish King Magnus Eriksson gave Porvoo a Royal Charter in 1346.
Rauma 3

Narrow street in old Rauma, the oldest town plan drawings are from 1650.

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Rovaniemi 2

Jätkänkynttilä Bridge, entrance to Rovaniemi from the east. Rovaniemi, rebuilt since WW II, after the city was destroyed by the German Army, is the capital of Lapland.

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Salo 5 Part of the Memorial of Independence commemorating Finland's 75th year of Independence. The memorial is in a park on the south-east side of Salo.

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Tampere 1 The entrance to the Lenin Museum in Tampere, apparently one of the only surviving Lenin museums in the world. There was a communist movement in Finland at the same time as the Russian Revolution
Tampere 3 Central Square in Tampere.
Tampere 3 The Valmet Automotive factory at Ussikaupunki in southwest Finland, about 50 kilometers north of Turku. Valmet Automotive is an independent European contract manufacturer of premium speciality cars. The company currently produces the Saab 9-3 Convertible, Saab 9-3 Viggen and Porsche Boxster. The factory is the biggest employer in Ussikaupunki, and the only automobile assembly plant in Finland.
Vaalimaa 1 The Finland - Russia border crossing at Vaalimaa. This crossing is on European Highway 18, which leads to Vyborg about 50 kiolmeters to the east, and St. Petersburg, about 240 kilometers away.

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