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Hame 1 Hame Castle at Hämeenlinna. Its construction was started in the 1260's by the Swedes, and continued over the next 700 years.

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Kastelholm 1

Kastelholm Castle in the Sund district of the Aland Islands. Renovation of the castle started in 1980. Exact age of the castle is unknown, but it was first mentioned in writings as early as 1388. It was of strategic importance in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Kuuistto 1 The partially restored Kuusisto Castle near Pargas. Construction on the castle started in 1317, and the outer fortifications were built in the 1400's. The castle was used as a place of refuge by Catholic bishops in the Middle Ages, but King Gustavus Vasa had the castle torn down in 1528. Some of the stones were used to construct the church in Piikkiö, about 20 kilometers north of the castle location.
Raasepori 1

Entrance to the partially restored Raseborg Castle at Raasepori. The oldest parts date to the 1200's.

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Olavinlinna 1

Olavinlinna Castle at Savonlinna. Founded in 1475 by the Swedish Governor of Vyborg and the Eastern Provinces, it was meant to protect the eastern border of the Swedish Empire.

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Turku 1

Construction started on Turku Castle in 1280, and continued to grow for many hundreds of years.

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